About us


The Hemerdon Tungsten-Tin Mine, formerly known as Drakelands Mine or the Hemerdon Ball or Hemerdon Bal Mine, was an operating tungsten and tin mine between August 2015 and October 2018 under previous operators Wolf Minerals (UK) Ltd. (Wolf).

The mine is located 7 miles NE of Plymouth, near the village of Plympton, in Devon, England, and has been categorised as a world class deposit due to the scale of the deposit within a global context.

Aggregates West has been formed as a subsidiary to Tungsten West Ltd, the owner and operator of Hemerdon Mine. The process of metalliferous mining for Tungsten and Tin produces high quality, well-graded aggregates as a byproducts to the primary operation.

Our process is highly sustainable through the utilisation of a biproduct produced from metalliferous mining operation.  Our primary objective is the extraction of Tungsten and Tin, however our process allows for market ready aggregates to meet industry demands. We consistently pursue business excellence through exploring ne and alternative ways of working, with a drive for reducing carbon footprint and environmental impacts.


The Hemerdon deposit forms part of the Cornubian Orefield, a world class mineral province with a history of extraction dating back over thousands of years. Production peaked between 1700 and 1900 with focus on Cu and Sn although ores of As, Pb, Ag, Zn, F, Mn & Fe amongst many others were commercially mined during this timeframe. Production of W was historically minor due to its limited use and its perception as a contaminant in gravity concentrates, however interest grew in the late 1800s and rapidly advanced during the 1st and 2nd world wars.