Hemerdon Mine site on the world’s 4th largest resource of Tungsten which currently stands at 332 Mt. The Hemerdon deposit is centred upon a sub vertical, NNE – SSW striking, 100+ m wide Early Permian   granite   dyke hosted by Devonian metasedimentary and metavolcanics rocks. Mineralisation is overwhelmingly associated with moderately to steeply NW dipping greisen – bordered quartz – ferberite + cassiterite[DC1]  sheeted veins. The resource size and dyke host are to date, unique in SW England.


Due to the geology of the site, Aggregates West holds the ability to produce a wide range of products that meet European Standards. Below is an example of the core products we produce, however if there is a specified requirement needed for your project, our technical team will be able to advice further.

  • Single Size Aggregates
  • Highways Aggregates
  • Cement Products
  • Pipe Bedding
  • Dressing Stones
  • Decorative Stones
  • General Fills
  • Asphalts


Our products are subject to rigorous testing to both Global and European standards. Each product comes with a full certification pack, aligning to its final use requirements. Our products are CE Marked and follow strict testing regimes to ensure consistency.

 [DC1]We have uppercased Tungsten and Tin. Should we be consistent with these?